About Us

Welcome to the website of the Postcolonial Literary and Cultural Studies group chaired by Prof. Kerstin Knopf at the University of Bremen.

Our study program and research agenda focus on the critical examination of colonial and postcolonial realities, power relations, and their consequences in diverse settings.

Our expertise covers a wide range of postcolonial literary, cultural, and linguistic research topics focusing on different areas across the world, including African, Asian, and Caribbean cultural and literary studies, Indigenous languages, literatures and films, creole studies, and gender studies, among others.

The University of Bremen has a strong tradition and focus in Postcolonial Studies. Learn more about Postcolonial Studies at Faculty 10 here.


About this website

On this website you will find information about our staff and guests, as well as our activities.

All information about our courses can be found in the section on Our teaching and here: Lehrveranstaltungsverzeichnis (the link opens the course catalogue of the University of Bremen).